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Find tranquility and nostalgia in my Canadiana landscape paintings. My paintings show a deep response to the region of Ontario cottage country, Georgian Bay and the Northern Rivers. Dive in and enjoy the view.

“Laurie Cochrane is a painter and photographer who captures landscapes and abstracted natural views. She has a slightly gestural style and is adept in oils and other mediums. I am a fan of her cloud series that captures the ethereal and meditative qualities of clouds.”

Dallas Jeffs

Meet the Artist

  • “Lovely being surrounded by beautiful art, we are repeat offenders.. and have four paintings by Laurie Cochrane, who is a brilliant artist.”

    Liam & Karen Australia
  • "I am so pleased with my original painting by Laurie, which brings me joy!"

    Carla - Australia
  • "The painting 'Mapping Pines', arrived safely via Canadian Post! Thanks! It's a gem."

    David - Toronto
  • "I am deeply impressed how Laurie succeeded in showing the Australian Landscape. The painting,’ Journey Inland’ is a lasting memory of Australia and meeting the artist.”

    Reinhard - Hannover Germany

  • www.artterra.ca

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