Laurie J Cochrane

As a painter and photographer, I love to capture landscapes and natural views. I have been able to combine my love of nature and love for painting to create paintings that are contemplative and reflective.

As a mature adult I returned to university and have a Fine Arts degree.  I have been in numerous exhibitions and have won many awards.  Art collectors from as far as Australia, Germany,Japan, UK and Canada enjoy my paintings.

Dallas Jeff’s writes, “Laurie’s style is loose, with painted marks that often look like they may have been produced with a palette knife. The artist captures the ethereal, constantly shifting of clouds with precision.”


Did you know?!

I once taught painting classes on a ship that sailed around the world🐬🐬!

I have held numerous solo art shows in Australia and Canada. Bachelor of Fine Arts from Curtin University Western Australia

City of South Perth Emerging artist award! Awards for oils and watercolour

My art is worn by artful patrons Vida Designs

I love dark chocolate and a short coffee😁👍

I have a studio in Northern Ontario where The Group of Seven explored and painted in the 1930’s!

I play the piano, dance like nobody is watching 😁💃and I’m very grateful for each day!!!

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